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(Administrator) olivr221026

Posted at Oct 31 2018 2:02AM

Hello this is [Sup]Richiie onlinie welcome to new players , have fun & enjoy. !!


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Server info : Indominus Online

Players online: 227/1000
Max online: 1000
IP Limit 8
IP Fortress Limit 1
System: Job/Drop/Coin
Server Type: PVE
IndominusTeam: [SA] Dekor
Experience rate: 150x
Party Experience rate: 200x
Gold drop coeficent: 15x
Item drop coeficent: 60x
Degree: D14
Server Cap: Cap130
Max Alchemy: +18 ( with adv its +20)

Status :Online

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Accounts: 11299
Characters: 13223
Guilds: 529
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