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Welcome to Indominus Online
Trader Trader Thief Thief Hunter Hunter TraderHunterThief All
RankChar nameJob typeExpContribution
1KarySThief Thief546878639353
2Killer_DmGThief Thief181174270049
3Mr_DestinyThief Thief113426204101
4SeveriamThief Thief96167176042
5bebo_kevanThief Thief13277100352
6SyaDaThief Thief7005993459
7__BeckyG__1Thief Thief1311092985
8ItachiThief Thief794386018
9JaFosteThief Thief4247964079
10WarxThief Thief4321646816
11TheMexicanThief Thief2147641276
12_Proxy_Thief Thief1464239842
13BloodEyesThief Thief036908
14iCheeTaThief Thief2080334513
15debufferThief Thief2957832421
16WizarD_PRoxXThief Thief2371425514
17Suicide_Thief Thief2163025230
18SraDeathThief Thief024795
19O_OThief Thief2469224692
20AsterixThief Thief2340923409
21HopeThief Thief966422264
22AnjelinnaThief Thief785822258
23Arthy20M4t4rThief Thief2184521845
24LiquitThief Thief2120821208
25ConnectionThief Thief1715617156
26[Sup]MarnieThief Thief180016889
27AlchemistThief Thief1644816448
28BrutalitoThief Thief1448216282
29AranyThief Thief1606816068
30VN_SwordThief Thief174015542
31SolidThief Thief875614156
32KanyenkeThief Thief797413468
33FreakThief Thief1321213212
34IchidaThief Thief215812958
35HillaryThief Thief901412614
36BardgiThief Thief38311183
37QuyDaXoaThief Thief636711150
38imogenThief Thief010076
39RobinHoodThief Thief96269626
40HacHaiDuongThief Thief13958595
41DeadSkullThief Thief31528552
42_Anonym_Thief Thief63988198
43_Hilary_Thief Thief71517151
44Bi6BoyThief Thief69436943
45R4V3N4Thief Thief50136813
46ScarletThief Thief50136813
47ITThief Thief29306530
48KimberleyWexThief Thief14796469
49HolyKnightThief Thief6286234
50[Sup]esoThief Thief5065581
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Server Time
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: Aftermath Tax: -20%
Hotan: dummy Tax: 0%
Server info:

Server info : Indominus Online

Players online: 225/1000
Max online: 1000
IP Limit 8
IP Fortress Limit 1
System: Job/Drop/Coin
Server Type: PVE
IndominusTeam: [SA] Dekor
Experience rate: 150x
Party Experience rate: 200x
Gold drop coeficent: 15x
Item drop coeficent: 60x
Degree: D14
Server Cap: Cap130
Max Alchemy: +18 ( with adv its +20)

Status :Online

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 11182
Characters: 13127
Guilds: 524
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