Indominus Online
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Welcome to Indominus Online
Trader Trader Thief Thief Hunter Hunter TraderHunterThief All
RankChar nameJob typeExpContribution
1KarySThief Thief546878639353
2Killer_DmGThief Thief181174270049
3Mr_DestinyThief Thief113426204101
4SeveriamThief Thief96167176042
5ItachiThief Thief794386018
6JaFosteThief Thief4247964079
7WarxThief Thief4321646816
8_Proxy_Thief Thief1464239842
9BloodEyesThief Thief036908
10O_OThief Thief2469224692
11AsterixThief Thief2340923409
12HopeThief Thief966422264
13AnjelinnaThief Thief785822258
14Arthy20M4t4rThief Thief2184521845
15LiquitThief Thief2120821208
16ConnectionThief Thief1715617156
17AlchemistThief Thief1644816448
18SolidThief Thief875614156
19HillaryThief Thief901412614
20HashiramaThief Thief78497849
21_Hilary_Thief Thief71517151
22SnIPeR_ShoTThief Thief36845457
23ByakuranThief Thief47674767
24SraDeathThief Thief37513751
25LastWizZThief Thief4982298
26TheChoseOneThief Thief15871587
27x8Thief Thief12631263
28SAIBANKANThief Thief675675
29GadielThief Thief664664
30Sra_DeathThief Thief628628
31LemonHaZeThief Thief443443
32PrincessThief Thief440440
33Evil_PrinceThief Thief344344
34AVirama_Thief Thief314314
35PinkmanThief Thief220220
36AztecaThief Thief220220
37AlcatrazThief Thief00
38JohnClayThief Thief00
39LordBeerusThief Thief00
40AsteriusThief Thief00
41BOWThief Thief00
42PinkMonsterThief Thief00
43ICritUThief Thief00
44McNuggetzThief Thief00
45ArtemisThief Thief00
46SnaKeThief Thief00
47SSJGokuThief Thief00
48GohanThief Thief00
49QUEENThief Thief00
50AstraThief Thief00
Indominus Official Trailer Protection Status

Server Time
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: Overpowered Tax: 20%
Hotan: dummy Tax: 0%
Server info:

Server info : Indominus Online

Players online: 150/1000
Max online: 1000
IP Limit 8
IP Fortress Limit 1
System: Job/Drop/Coin
Server Type: PVE
IndominusTeam: [SA]Dekor
Supporter's: None
Experience rate: 150x
Party Experience rate: 200x
Gold drop coeficent: 15x
Item drop coeficent: 60x
Degree: D14
Server Cap: Cap130
Max Alchemy: +18 ( with adv its +20)

Status :Online

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 5024
Characters: 5830
Guilds: 335
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