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Welcome to Indominus Online
Trader Trader Thief Thief Hunter Hunter TraderHunterThief All
RankChar nameJob typeExpContribution
1SmakaaTrader Trader188237705242756184
2OrbanViktorTrader Trader502853386195808417
3DaniTrader Trader50712113140099352
4RamoTrader Trader2358028176646892
5AresTrader Trader2282875875521832
6Calle13Trader Trader2877702637219068
7DragonKinGTrader Trader3208367936830352
8xXAchillesXxTrader Trader814681271
9[SA]DekorTrader Trader564870851
10SataniaTrader Trader300332961
11zFuukraTrader Trader244538761
12_JeanneDArC_Trader Trader8409731
13KAZARTrader Trader18750
14TroJanTrader Trader00
15TriadaTrader Trader00
16RoTeXTrader Trader00
17MazenollaTrader Trader00
18NabunLanTrader Trader00
19WWMFIAAWWTrader Trader00
20DeStInETrader Trader00
21RaizenTrader Trader00
22KaulzaTrader Trader00
23txiiiiiTrader Trader00
24HMHEROTrader Trader00
25SunNyTrader Trader00
26DiamsTrader Trader00
27Red_ArrowTrader Trader00
28Br3llyTrader Trader00
29OncePonaTimeTrader Trader00
30ValkyrieTrader Trader00
31Halim1337Trader Trader00
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Server Time
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: dummy Tax: 0%
Hotan: dummy Tax: 0%
Server info:

Server info : Indominus Online

Players online: 63/1000
Max online: 1000
IP Limit 4
PC Limit 2
IP Fortress Limit 1
System: Job/Drop/Coin
Server Type: PVE
IndominusOwner: [SA] Dekor
Supporter's: none
Experience rate: 150x
Party Experience rate: 200x
Gold drop coeficent: 15x
Item drop coeficent: 60x
Degree: D14
Server Cap: Cap130
Max Alchemy: +18 ( with adv its +20)

Status :Online

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 467
Characters: 352
Guilds: 19
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